John Doe (2019)

John Doe by forest vicky kapo was included in GENERATIONS: A MIXED BILL with other short works by choreographers Alana Yee and Dance Plant Collective at The Basement Theatre Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland during February 2019 as part of the inaugural EDWA (Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa).

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Programme note for John Doe

עזראל is the angel of death
mori no oto is the sound a forest makes
john doe is one of us, lying there.

From the house of daughters and the temple of knowledge crumbles of story and sound move through space. It is a channelled wrestling match between the desire to leave no trace and the need to give recognition for the gift that it is. Breath.

Excerpt from response in Theatreview

John Doe –

is one / all of us.

Today’s warrior

of yesterday’s paradigms.

Putting up an emotional tent –

bones of words,

skin of undertones.

Endless potentiality of the structure.

Look beyond the form.

Beautifully filled / held space

with tenderness, softness and striking honesty.

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