Wealth and Worth

Recently in an attempt to solve once and for all;
My NZ overseas student loan dilemma

I’ve come to a better understanding on and around certain
NZ student loan issues such as:

1) Free market economies and interest rates (often higher than mortgage rates)-

2) The ongoing punitive penalties that are used as incentive to solve the inability to pay (both could be capped).

3) The flexibility or forms of direct negotiation that could be available.

4) Also how older government policies, with Keynes-style yardsticks in a free market economic structure can be implemented via legislative authoritative rule.

5) How many economic policies are impervious to the true wealth value of their lower classed citizens.

Through an extraordinary resource via an Auckland accountancy service with experience in overseas student loan issues and as part of the potential negotiation that may occur, I’ve had to declare everything, every last cent.

This exercise is normal for many and uncommon for some (myself in this form).

After completely declaring (almost) every last cent
[$ made – living costs = net worth]
Has had the unusual result
that now I am able to:

A) separate net worth from self-worth, and identity of that worth.

B) highlight what is of value, as in what am I prepared to give up and what isn’t up for discussion.

C) highlight that the quantity of money
or how much I have the potential to make
or am seen as being worth
is not equitable to how much I return in real??? value
to self and toward my self-identified communities.

D) As an exercise, it has clarified how poverty is deeply institutionalized, and how the Keynesan yardstick is hard to shift.

E) How the NZ well being budget needs the courage to take bigger steps.

This exchange has given me the opportunity of feeling so worthless

but in doing so has freed something so deeply patriotically unconscious
that I now at the drop of a hat could give up my NZ citizenship
…but not my heritage – that can’t even be touched monetarily.

It has untethered me so to speak from a / the economically disempowering systems
so as to see myself as the free agent I really am.


–forest vicky kapo(May 2020)