The forgotten rites and rituals of innocence,

love and loss (2016)


Created and performed at Ponderosa, 2016
Choreographer: forest vicky kapo
Performer: Lilianna Kane
Photographer + Videographer: Chani Bockwinkel

In an artistic village, 2 hours outside of Berlin, is an artistic haven: Ponderosa. It is here where I found for the first time since finding myself in skin, a kind and kindred peace, and an awareness of (my) community. There that summer I had a birthday, grew, and found other ways to perform, and to create performance. That summer, as a young ancient: 1/2 child, 1/2 sage, this itinerant community claimed me as their own, held hands around this self and let it known it was actively being seen. We collectively encouraged the self imposed masks, the culturally deposited cloaks of normalcy and the wearying strategies that many of us outsiders out of necessity develop; to be stowed away, and to place, these carefully crafted defenses outside of Ponderosa’s artistic perimeters. It was an experience of rawness, of healing, of hedonism, and of belonging- and if ever so briefly, I, we did experience freedom, our souls finding ways to again experience flight, within our bodies.

Performances without funding, without conceptual application-al processes, without registration, without rejection, without time-frames, or deadlines, without competition, without product, without publications, without profiteering, without a panel of judges, without marketing, without propaganda, without ego, without class structures, without technical assistance, without parental guidance, becomes something anew.