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Te Atiawa/Ngati Raukawa

As an indigenous person growing up in Aotearoa/New Zealand, it has become important that the artistic works I involve myself in whether as solo performer or collaborator, reach out across communities, while maintaining a deep sense of artistic craft, freedom, passion, and integrity.

This requires the works themselves be diverse in placement, location, platform, medium and production. It has also become important that the works themselves are ecologically friendly.

Early training accumulated in a B.A in choreography and dance, however the performances 20 years on, are a blur of genres sitting on the boundaries of new performance territories.

They hold a variety of structural forms ranging from social provocations and rituals, to on and offline imageries and sound installations.

Embracing the wide band of mythical light and darkness, that is in the space of every room, mind and heart I work artistically across all mediums Sound Text, Imagery, Installation, Movement.  to create productions that are elegant, sturdy, weighted in theatrically but most importantly have a sense of alchemy.

The aim is to touch the heart and inspire the imagination, and to contribute to a world of well being.

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