false prophets/true gods.

With the need to spread consciousness to the new world this artist, like a thief, hijacks and repurposes theatrical and performance conventions, in order to re-establish and share intimately a sense of authorship over forgotten and shared ancestral territory. She will use whatever it takes to re -establish the mystical to its rightful place.

False prophets/true gods = ShaWoman aims to refresh and take back the mystical rituals of old while examining our mythological heritage within fablesque frameworks.This is more than a mere attempt to create reconciliation, and dialogue around the commercialisation and artifice of indigenous cultural rites, and teachings. This is about honoring the ancestorial call, to re- introduce those that can hear to the portals of mystery that hold us in place, Make no mistake ShaWoman will use whatever it takes to re-establish the mystical to its rightful place.